DAC is an association based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our mission is to support the kids and the families of a small village on the outskirts of Mumbai, India. The people living in that jungle village are tribals, called “Adivasi”. They live a very simple life in harmony with nature. Often exploited and neglected by society and government, they lack some of the very basics like water or sufficient nutrition.

We want to encourage the kids to live life according to their traditions, and not having to leave the village in order to “make a life”. We want to improve their conditions in the village by providing water and education.

We want to support the self esteem of the kids, particularly the girls, and encourage them to follow their dreams. Most of the girls want to study and work, which we want to support by teaching them English, a skill they need for work life, as well as dance, which is a rare opportunity for a “play space”, where they can express themselves, come in contact with different kinds of people, learn how to perform and get the applause for their work.

The initial project was a weekly dance camp for the girls, allowing them to have some free time and enjoy themselves while learning different dance styles, such as Lindy Hop, the Shim Sham and the Charleston. And since then, we have been actively involved with other activities in the village, including building a rain-water harvesting reservoir.


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